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This is Ivan (the guy who wrote Fat Loss On Demand 2.0)

...and I have a serious question for you:

What if you and I, could trade places?

You get the knowledge and body I have and I take yours (if you're a woman, just bear with me).


Just like that...

you get the body of your dreams

A body that you can finally feel proud of and be in the best shape of your life (for good)...

without food restrictions, cravings, or feeling like dieting at all.

And... what if our "body swap" meant you don't have to know anything about the science of fat loss?

- You don't have to know about what and how much you eat

- You don't need to know when to tweak your diet and how to read expected fluctuations vs. plateaus

- ...and you don't even need to know how to train to maximize your fat loss goals.

And yet...

Minute after minute, day after day... week after week...

The fat just gets breathed out of your body

without wondering if you will keep the weight off

If we could trade places like that...

Would you want to?

(Again, if you're a woman... you know what I mean)

Well, as crazy as it sounds... we can!

And by the time you're done reading this short letter...

you'll see why this wasn't just an exercise in imagination.

And why this opportunity is not only rare but real...

for those who qualify.

Because this isn't for everyone (and it might not be for you).

But if you do quality and feel this is something for you...

I'm going to flat out become your 1-1 coach...

and actually GIVE you exactly what to eat and how to train (regardless of your fitness level) so you get the body of your dreams.

Now, before you get the digital copy of Fat Loss On Demand 2.0 and the Bonuses...

there's something I have to admit.

I'm both scared and excited right now.

This is going to sound odd, but...

The fact you're reading this right now means you have been selected.

You see, I've set up a way in my system to make this rare chance for Fat Loss On Demand members who I believe will be a perfect fit for this opportunity.

And that is the first filter, so congrats.

But notice I said "first" filter...

Because before you can become one of the chosen few -

And have me tell you what to eat and how to train based on your personal situation so you can lose all the fat you want on demand (for good)...

You still need to get past the second filter of the selection process...

making this the most important page you're probably reading today related to your fat loss journey.

And you'll never find it on Google or social media.

It's hidden from everyone else who didn't get past the first filter of the selection process.

You see, I have to be careful.

There are people out there who have been promoting their fitness coaching for years.

And there are many out there who are good, but most share terrible advice of pseudoscience dressed up as "breakthrough" research.

Yet, I know the people whose bodies and futures I change today will never forget it.

And the good new is...

If you qualify to get what's on this page...

your epic transformation begins right here, right now

And that's why I'm doing this.

But to fully understand why - you should know a little bit about my journey in the fitness industry.

Something I rarely tell anyone (outside friends and family).

Before I came across the Fat Loss On Demand system and finally grasped the concepts, I was going diet after diet.

Keto... Intermittent Fasting... Counting calories...

Carb cycling... Clean eating... and any other (fad) diet you can come across.

I didn't fail because I didn't know what to do

(or the actual system)

Quite the opposite.

I knew exactly how much I should eat, what to do when I stopped making progress, and how to train to lose fat.

I did everything right... except I was missing one subtle (but major) piece of the puzzle.

That one piece was losing fat...

without falling into the endless cycle of getting to eat so low I couldn't think of another thing than food 24/7 and spend at least 1 hour a day doing cardio.

This, of course, led me to repeat the cycle of going diet after diet...

hoping I would find the "magical answer" to help me finally lose fat AND keep it off.

It all started in 2013 when I wanted to change the way my body looks.

I Googled how to lose fat for good and out of the overwhelming information that came as a result...

I gave it a shot to the ketogenic diet.

And I lost weight to the point it was the first time I saw my abs.

But as soon as it got out of the strict approach (and no, I didn't eat carbs)... 

I got to the point of regaining all the weight I lost

that it actually got me stretch marks

All my excitement about seeing my abs for the first time got covered by layers of fat and tons of stretch marks on my chest and back.

Then, I hired a fat loss coach...

and while he got me to show my abs again, it only lasted for 4 weeks.

Because you guessed it...

as soon as life came my way (going out, birthdays, reunions), the results I had were gone a week later.

The next years went with me fighting with my body and going diet after diet...

following 12-week programs that got me really nowhere.

I got to the point I didn't know what else to do... what was I "missing"

I couldn't understand how people got so great transformations with so different diets. One person swears that the ketogenic diet is the ultimate diet and the other one says is intermittent fasting.

Who is right?...

What is the real common denominator here?

But the thought that kept going over in my head was what if I continue doing what I was doing - I'd continue to get the same results and probably end up where I was for the rest of my life...

and the idea of that being my life, to be honest with you... crushed me.

I could not imagine living a life of regret and constant struggle with my body.

I wanted to feel proud of the body I had.

And that's when I realized I had to stop looking for people finding "the magical diet and routine"...

and focus on learning the fundamentals of fat loss myself.

So I decided I was going to learn the science of fat loss and body recomposition on my own

Now here's where it gets interesting to me.

As soon as I start looking for reliable sources...

things got more complicated than before.

Because it wasn't difficult to find a "fitness influencer" on Instagram that was also sharing the science on how X diet was better or superior.

I heard "experts" contradict themselves while sharing how one diet induces fat loss by not eating carbs...

while the other preached how fats are what's making us fat.

That was the moment I realized... without finding the real science of fat loss and using it in a predictable system to lose fat - you end up going diet after diet

You can tell everyone you are doing the X diet to lose fat...

and that even you're losing weight (ideally, mostly fat).

But until you're using a predictable system that's only based on the science of fat loss - you are destined to keep going diet after diet without keeping the results

That's probably a hard pill to swallow you may already know in your heart, but it's important to know what's at stake here...

and for that, you need the truth.

And that was the cycle I was in.

I kept looking for the magical diet or secret that got me out of that routine I was in for years.

It was until I realized that what I was doing and what I was looking for wasn't working that I needed to do something better... something different.

There was no point trying different diets - let alone, repeating the ones I tried to lose fat.

I wasn't going to lose fat or keep it when I had the luck of losing it.

I genuinely didn't know what else to do or where to find the actual answer.

I came this close to giving up on the idea of having the body of my dreams

Maybe you've experienced this too...

You feel like you have all the "knowledge" you need and that you're following "the diet" the "right" way...

but, it's like you're running on a treadmill.

You're running in place and getting anywhere.

And before long - if nothing changes... you are doomed to fail.

But I bet you don't want that... and that's not what I want for you...

which is why you're seeing this rare offer right now

so you don't have to fail...

So you can avoid all the mistakes I've made along the way.

And this - right here, right now - is your one and only chance to get your life on something I wish I had when I was starting out...

The Ultimate "Shortcut"

To An Epic Transformation

Because if you're one of the selected few to get me to tell you how to eat without sacrificing your social life or feeling like starving or dieting and show you how to train to lose fat (on demand) and keep it off...

That's the moment everything changes for you.

You'll have a chance I never had (and wish I had).

A chance to get the body of your dreams with an epic transformation for good...

And it all begins with one simple decision.

There's no right or wrong answer, there is only YOUR decision.

It's the same choice I had to do back in 2013...

one that forever changed my body (while making all the possible mistakes in the process).

And it's this one single decision I made that is the reason you're watching this right now...

Because, in just a minute...

I'm going to give you the opportunity

I wish someone had given me

An opportunity that will allow you to make a decision - that I feel is going to give you an unfair advantage

Because I realized that to create a predictable system based on the science of fat loss, I had to become a fat loss coach.

And so I did.

These are just some of the certificates I got as a Fat Loss Coach and Nutritional Coach

I became a Clean Health Certified Fat Loss Coach and Nutritional Coach.

It involved understanding the science of fat loss from reputable sources and hours of reading and training.

Plus, it even turned out to help me know how to finally lose fat (and keep it off) for me.

Right now, I'm even one of the few coaching who combines nutrition with genetics (a field called nutrigenomics)

But these are great news for you...

Because if you qualify...

you're going to be given the once-in-a-lifetime chance to come along for the ride.

Or said in another way...

I'm not only giving you the plan to lose

all the fat you want and change your body in 12 weeks...

but everything else you need to have an epic transformation


  • The latest science to get you the body of your dreams
  • Direct access to my personal phone number so you update me every day with questions you have 18/7
    (I would like to sleep, thanks 😉)
  • Weekly check-ins and assessments via Zoom call to keep you on track
  • Guided workouts once every week so you can make adjustments and avoid creating muscle imbalance
  • Weekly changes in your diet and meal plans
  • Plus...

a type of coaching I bet to say not a single fitness coach or fat loss expert will ever give you 

I'm not exaggerating when I say that this type of coaching...

can be the difference between you changing your life forever or keep getting average results.

You see, when we are training, we tap into something called flow state.

And the actual definition of flow state is:

"A state of mind in which we feel our best and perform our best"

The best part is...

Neuroscience has shown us we can tap into this to become peak performers and high achievers (in all areas of life).

If you've ever felt there are not enough hours in the day to train or get things done...

or even just to spend some time with friends and family, the flow state puts an end to that feeling.

When you access flow state on demand, you'll be able to get more done in half the time.

And that's not an exaggeration, either.

Because when you tap into peak performance every day (with a predictable framework)...

It's like finally being able to get your life back

But it all starts with one goal at a time...

and that goal is to get you in 12 weeks into the best shape of your life.

You need to be in a new body to then get a new life.

From there, is just a matter of using my personal 5-step Framework to help you tap into flow state in all areas of your life - beyond just fitness.

And just so you know...

The flow state coaching is a high-end training and coaching I separately offer from my nutrition and training coaching...

and anyone who wants to sign in has to go through a different application.

Those who qualify can access it when they pay the $7,000 for the coaching.

And if you qualify today...

you get this entire coaching for Free.

And this is not just some fantasy either...

When you make the right decision to the choice you're about to be presented...

This goes from fantasy... to your very own reality

How do I know?

Because - you, are not the first...

See, before I invited you and others to this coaching...

I have helped friends and family get the body of their dreams.

Both men and women from 25 to 55 years old saw the results in 12 weeks.

They were just 6 people in total, but it showed them (and me) how replicable and repeatable the process of using the science of fat loss is.

Some felt they gained the body they had in their 20s...

Others gained a level of confidence they never had before...

and some even started to enjoy going out with family and loved ones without feeling guilty or restricting themselves from their favorite food.

Pasta... desserts like ice cream or cakes... pizza...

Their life went from having fear of eating anything because they felt it was going to make them gain weight...

to now enjoy the food they love while keeping the body of their dreams.

At that moment, I saw my future

Because I realized this had not only allowed me to get the body I'd always dreamed of...

But this science-backed system...

had the power to allow others like me who have struggled with their weight for so long (regardless of their age)...

to be able to start losing fat on demand (and keep it off) - all thanks to this system.

Leading them to an epic transformation in 12 weeks.

That's why you're here... I've been planning this mission for 3 years now.

To find people like you

To find people who are committed enough to change their bodies...

Who want to change their relationship with food and dieting...

And who want to stop going diet after diet without keeping the results.

And that's why I wrote the book...

So I could get the information inside, to as many people as possible

who want to change their bodies with the only system science proves

makes you lose fat... on demand

Little did I know though - that doing this - would create an even bigger problem.

It's what I call the "burpee" problem - but it was a problem.

You see, when I wrote the book, I never dreamed it would wind up in the hands of hundreds and thousands of people.

But right after it went "viral"...

People were privately messaging me with questions.

It got to the point I was overflowing with more messages and questions than I could ever answer in a lifetime.

Don't get me wrong - if it were possible, I'd answer every single question.

But time just won't allow it.

I value my time because I want to spend time with my parents and help friends change their bodies as well.

But, I also knew I couldn't just leave everyone hanging either...

So here's what I decided to do...

First off, I knew something called the 80/20 principle.

Meaning that out of the thousands of people asking questions, about 20% would actually use my answers to lose fat and keep it off.

It's an unfortunate fact of life (it's called the Pareto principle)

These are action takers, and there are tire-kickers...

And I'd rather invest my time helping the people who are truly serious.

Serious about helping themselves...

Which is where you come in...

Because I'll make an assumption about you...

But if you got my Fat Loss On Demand 2.0 book, it means you're not just interested in changing your body and being in the best shape of your life...

but you actually want it bad enough to do something about it.

This means you are an action taker.

Am I wrong?...

Chances are, no.

Because this next part should be very easy.

It's time.

It's time to take it to the next level

so you can get the body of your dreams

And I'm going to stand by you until you have an epic transformation.

No matter what's your weight loss goal or how close you think you are.

It's all about gaining control back over your body.

And as of this very moment - the body you want is within your reach

But before you can make it yours...

there is one more important step you need to take.

Yes, I have the discipline and habits to change my body at will.

And I've helped friends and family do the same.

But... what about you?

What's been holding you back from the body you want?

You and I both know it's not your desire to lose fat.

So what is it?

Why aren't you where you want to be with your body?

The body you can show off at the beach...

The body that makes you feel great when you look at yourself in the mirror.

Doesn't come from trying other fad diets, using pseudoscience, or 12-week routines.

It comes from experience.

It comes from doing it.

It comes from using the science of fat loss.

It's the truth I learned since 2013.

To get the body we want and keep it off while not feeling like starving or doing hours of cardio...

you need to effectively follow a  proven system

A predictable, repeatable... and proven system (based on actual science).

That's how you get an epic transformation.

It's not that complicated - let alone, out of reach for anyone.

It's a proven step-by-step process.

Even though ti won't make much sense...

you don't have to know how it works!

When you get your plan for what to eat and exactly how to train while enjoying your favorite food.

That's why I love it.

This is exciting, but true... I could add an extra 50 pounds overnight.

And I know I'd lose all of it in a matter of months, for good.

Because I follow the fat loss on demand system that works every single time.


You want to lose 30 pounds, you do it in 12 weeks.

You have to lose 50 pounds, you lose it in 12 to 16 weeks.

You're tapping into the science of fat loss (on demand).

And that's happening for you, starting now.

Because I'm flat out going to tell you

what to eat (without limiting your favorite food or starving yourself) and how to train based on your fitness level

We get on an onboarding call to talk about your preferences and current fitness level...

I create a 12-week meal plan and training for you...

You update me with your progress daily and I keep you accountable via message...

We get on a weekly call to assess your progress and see if and when you need to tweak something...

And as days go by, you start seeing the weight you wanted to drop off your body every week.

I'm so excited for you.

Because I know you'll succeed.

All you have to do is put in the work and trust the system.

Just like I did.

Just like my friends and family did...

You're not testing anything here.

This is a system that works...

I know that because is the exact system the top 1% of fitness coaches use with their clients.

A system I discovered once I became a fitness coach.

Doing this is like just following a map to get to your destination.

No guessing, no surprises.

All so you gain that confidence back and get to finally get the body of your dreams... for good.

When you get the body you have wanted to get for so long and keep it...

all that's left to "do" is enjoy the results.

That's the best part...

and I can't wait to see your epic transformation...

Because I'll be there with you at every turn in those 12 weeks

It's my mission to help transform the bodies (and minds) of good, honest people like you.

And you know what?

I wanted to prove to myself that I can really come through for you...

I had to figure out how to deliver an epic transformation in 12 weeks.

So that you just follow the system and get the body you want.

So I took all my mistakes...

all the lessons I've learned over a decade in the fitness industry (both with wins and failures)...

and the "secret" that went me from losing fat and not keeping it off...

to now controlling how I look at will.

I put everything I learned into this, for you...

When I finally finished, it was ready to go.

Ready for you to just follow through and see the results.

And I was so excited to give it to you...

But then, I saw the real problem

You know the old saying:

"Feed a man a fish, and he'll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he'll eat for a lifetime..."

Well, I realized that if I just give it to you, you'll never learn to do it by yourself - never feel what is it to just know the system has your back and you'll lose fat.

So in addition to giving you a copy of my Fat Loss On Demand 2.0 book, I'm also going to be coaching you every step of the way.

Showing you how to do it, on your own body, day by day.

You get to ask any question while making progress.

You get to see how I plan your own diet and workouts.

And when 12 weeks have passed by...

you leave the coaching by being a completely different person.

I know it's hard to get there.

Most never do.

They get stuck at implementing, feeling overwhelmed, or they just give up when all they had to do was wait.

Finally getting the theory and effectively using it in practice took me 5 years.

Now... let's talk about what it takes for you to be part of this

I'm sure you know, this is not for everyone.

It's a lot of work for me, as you get my 1-1 attention.

The prep work I do for you...

The daily support, coaching, and accountability I give you.

The guided training and the constant help.

And I can't believe I'm actually going to do this.

But you deserve every advantage to lose fat and get into the best shape of your life as well as to become a better you.

So that's why I'm giving you something I haven't ever shown anyone else.

Something no other fitness coaching will ever offer you (I have yet to see one do it)

But you have to make me a promise.

Promise to keep this information on this page a secret.

Because there are far more people who

want help than I have time for...

This is a rare opportunity where you'll have direct access to me and a few others who are using this exact system to lose all the fat they want on demand and keep it off.

And you and I together will accelerate your fat loss journey when we work 1-1

This is about compressing something that would take you 2-3 months to start "getting" how the system works...

into the "shortcut" you need to finally lose fat and keep it off.

And by working together with me one-on-one + having me walk you through it all...

you can quickly start seeing the results of losing fat (on demand) in your own body.

Week after week... month after month... and keeping it for years to come.

But again, this is limited.

Because I only have some much time, and...

I'm only looking to work with people who want to get

the best possible results in the next 12 weeks

So first, we need to find out if you're a good fit.

And to determine if you're a good fit, I'd like to have what I call a consultation session with you.

To find out what's holding you back, what you need and what would cause you to move forward.

To have your "epic transformation" in both mind and body.

So you seem to be the person I would love to help with my coaching.

The next step would be to show if you're committed and would love the help of someone who has done it already and help you implement the science of fat loss.

And for that, the next step is to book a time for a quick Zoom consultation session.

But there's a "final filter"

As the final filter, you have to show you're committed and interested (not just curious) about this.

That's why I'm going to ask you for a fully refundable 29USD deposit.

Why I'm asking you this?

Because in that way, you show me you want to commit to this and you're not just curious about it.

But don't worry.

  • If we're not a fit..

    I will give you the down payment back after our call. No hard feelings. No hassle.

    You'll still walk away with a gameplan to start your epic transformation.

  • But if we're a fit...

    then the 29USD would contribute to securing your spot for the coaching program, which we would start right away.

Once you make this small and completely refundable 29USD deposit right now...

You get an email right away to 

schedule your consultation session

I or someone from my team will take the call at the time you choose (keep in mind slots will be limited, so be patient... or contact support@fitnessthetic to work together on a time that works for both of us).

Over the course of 30 minutes, we'll dig deep and uncover exactly what you need most, while putting together a plan on how to make it happen for you in the fastest time possible (usually, 12 weeks).

Then at the end of the call, one of 2 things will happen:

  • OPTION 1
    You'll be a good fit and you'll be invited to work with me to become our next success story...
  • OPTION 2

    You won't be a good fit, and that's okay too.

The sad reality is there are some people I just can't help... and if that's the case, we will be completely transparent with you, and I'll be happy to point you in the right direction to what you need to get where you want.

Either way, you'll wind up at the end of the call with a crystal clear vision of how to start, adapt, and stay on your fat loss diet to see and keep the results.

But I can tell you with full confidence...

This 30-minute session alone will be massively valuable

No matter where you are right now

So go ahead and take advantage of this rare opportunity you have right now of getting 1-1 coaching to help you get the body of your dreams.

Make the small and 100% refundable deposit of 29USD below...

After you complete your order, you will get an email with the subject line "About your 1-1 coaching (30-min consultation session)"

And from there, is just a matter of picking a day and time that works best for you.

But please understand...

this opportunity to have my personal help with implementing the proven fat loss system won't be available after you leave this page (again, I don't publicly offer my coaching).

In order to give you the personalized attention you deserve, I can only accept a small number of people at a time...

So go ahead and secure your spot by making the 100% refundable deposit so we can talk and see if you're a good fit.

Your #1 fan and coach,

Ivan Iniguez

CH Certified Trainer / Nutritional Coach / Fat Loss Expert

P.S. I will see you on the call. I can't wait to talk to you. When you book a call after you get the email to do so, don't miss it. If you need to reschedule, I get it.

But don't be a no show... because I don't reschedule with no-shows.

Feel free to reach us via email at support(at) at any moment after your purchase.

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